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About A. Darius Kamali

My career bridges human rights advocacy and film/media. This background ranges from intelligence analysis and institutional development to documentary & feature film making. After founding Federal Data Services, a private sector legal research firm In the late 90's I joined the International Monitor Institute-a State Department supported NGO-as visual analyst. IMI acted as the visual evidence wing of ad hoc criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) & Rwanda (ICTR) as well as the subsequent trials for Saddam Hussein. We established a visual archive related to global hot spots, war-crimes & rimes against humanity. My human rights work also includes joint projects with the National Security Archives, Human Rights Watch & UNTV as well as the Simon Wiesenthal Center/MOT. Following a stint as Lexicon Editor with the seminal artificial intelligence based search engine Oingo (Applied Semantics) I transitioned into the world of documentary film, producing a number of shows developed at Lorimar, Jaffe,​ Scott Free (Tony Scott), World of Wonder' and Weller-Grossman Productions. Many of these programs aired on major cable and Network distributors including History Channel/A&E, PBS, CBS, Trio Network & Channel 4 in the UK. In 2008, I produced my first feature, the Annie Award nominated IGOR (MGM/TWC) starring John Cusack and I co-executive produced the 'The Hero of Color City'​ (Magnolia Pictures, 2015) and the upcoming 'Bunyan & Babe' (2016). In 2013 I launched Gnosis Moving Pictures to producing a slate of live-action and animated features for global theatrical distribution independently and in partnership with Vinton Entertainment, Pigdog Productions and Toonz Media. In 2015 I launched techGnosis to develop iOS Augmented Reality apps for studios such as Twentieth Century Fox, Relativity & MGM . Separately, I am in the process of editing the manuscript for my first novel, a mytho-philosophical fantasy for children of all ages. Member; Producers Guild of America. Copyright 2018