A Psychographic Biography (or a Graphic Biography…of a Psycho)

(Mock)iavelian/Purist, Cognitive/Dissident, Congenital/Genius, Mercurially/Rigid, Soothing/Provocateur, Faithful/Iconoclast, Conformist/Rebel, Global /Nationalist, Authoritarian/Anarchist, Urban/Wildebeast, Prosaic/Poet, Working/Player, Radical/Reactionary, Transparent/Trickster, Agreeable/Contrarian, Mystical/Atheist, Agnostic/Gnostic, Myopic/Visionary, Misanthropic/Humanitarian, Chivalrous/Misogynist, Dogmatic/Libertine, Romantic/Rationalist, Fearless/Paranoiac, Old Fashioned/Progressive, Ethical/Amoralist, Militant/Pacifist, Well Rounded/Square and a highly bred…hybrid.

Filmmaker by trade. Writer, Analyst and Philosopher…at Large.

Expiry Date:   Suspect

All Rights:    Reserved


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