There’s never been a Ferris. It’s mostly just been wheel.

And when it occurs

That all nationalists are gangsters

And all nations gangs. 


Ans when it occurs

we’ve no need for defense 

no need for offence 

if we don’t have a fence.


And when it occurs

That We, We We

Is the new  

Me, Me, Me


And when it occurs

that if they don’t like you

what’s it to you 

that they don’t like another

who just looks like you?


And when it occurs

that the difference 

between the different

is just 

the difference that’s between them. 


And when it occurs 

that what separates you

from the rich and the poor

is that you are not rich

or that you are not poor.


And when it occurs

that their being wrong 

Doesn’t mean that were right

that because you’ve been wronged

doesn’t mean you DON’T wrong.

that you’re not less oppressive

just because they’re oppressive.


And when it occurs 

that changing old words 

to escape connotations

leaves us new words

with the same implications.


And when it occurs

That reducing his privilege

Won’t increase hers.

That’s when it occurs 

That the only thing worse 

that the unrighteous other

is a self-righteous self.

and the only thing worse than true greatness

IS fake goodness.

That all identities
are mistaken

And so 

when You can make MY case

better than Me

then we can talk.

But then, we’d agree.

If you want to be free

Don’t take it



For they don’t have a clue.

that there’s never been a me

it’s always been you. 


And before you can heal 

you must learn to feel 

that there’s never been a Ferris

Its mostly been Wheel. 


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